November 2023 Top Stories

Week of Nov 6th

Ford pauses a $12 billion EV investment, after saying electric vehicles are too expensive

Tucker Carlson “Is our country a free country?” – American faces prison for meme about Hillary Clinton

“The singularity,” the moment when Ai surpasses the control of humans – is less than a decade away

Thousands of vaccinated people got badly infected with COVID in the post marketing surveillance, per the Pfizer documents

Ed Dowd, explains why every last remnant of your freedom depends on widespread rejection of CBDCs

Britain in 1972

Paris is a colonized occupied city, looks more like the Middle East

American ticketed & arrested for shoveling snow off neighbors driveway #PoliceState

As WW3 looms, US Army shamelessly releases new recruitment ad featuring ONLY white guys…

Pfizer’s Clinical Trial COVID Vaccine Recipients Suffered 2.4 x’s the Adverse Events of Placebo Recipients Vials Were Contaminated with DNA Plasmids

These are the Signs of a Fallen Empire

Newsoms America in Full Display in San Francisco

Breaking : European Union Digital iD has Passed

Nashville’s Diversity-Obsessed Black Police Chief Hid Trans Shooter’s Anti-White Manifesto

CO2 Climate Hoax : Global Cooling for the LAST 8 Years

CANADA: Female Powerlifter Facing Two-Year BAN for Criticizing Trans-Identified Males in Women’s Sports

Crash Landing: The Inside Scoop About How Covid and Affirmative Action Policy Gutted Aviation Safety…. A Must Read…

IRELAND: Male Trans Wins Award for Playing Football Against Young Women and Girls

Gays for Palestine will find out the Hard Way

Olympic Champ says having Testicles “Doesn’t Make me less of a Woman”

VICE just ran this piece celebrating a 6-year-old drag queen

AP & Reuters Pictures of Hamas Atrocities Raise Ethical Questions

US: Trans-Identified Male Child Molester Who Boasted About Lenient Sentence Now Handed 15 Years for Manslaughter

Crowd of military-aged men in a massive US-bound caravan chant “BIDEN! BIDEN! BIDEN!”

The Nashville Shooter is a creation of the American Marxists on the Left

Nashville Shooters Manifesto has been Leaked

Jesse Kelly – The Communist Opportunist

Miami University has Pads and Tampons in the Mens Room

Machete wielding man in UK while everyone just walks around

Why are Global Health Leaders OBESE

Author comes out as transgender man after his wife came out as trans woman

Nashville Shooter Manifesto

1997 Davide Icke was right about the Vaccines

Ben Bergquam – “Over 1,500 illegals came through this small gate”

Syrian men are crossing into the US illegally

Dr Malone – “No Evidence That Current Boosters Are “Safe And Effective” Against Dominant HV.1 Variant”

14,000 illegal apprehensions in 1 week in Tuscan Indian Reservation

Jack Posobiec: The Largest Threat To The Globalists Is The Return Of Christendom

“The Cartel Has Control Of The Border”

Week of Nov 13th

Fauci admits Covid Vaccines cause ……MYOCARDITS

Reason # 478 to Homeschool Your Children… Meet Jack

Muslim Brotherhood working to destroy the United States from within, here is their PLAN

Ai ChatGPT condemns “gender affirming care” but has no problem promoting it

Transgender Police Officer in Germany has been posting fetish content involving children on social media.

Poso Proverbs – Monologue Episode #1 with Jack Posobiec “The Red Emperor”

Gaza sits on Billions of Dollars of OIL, It’s NOT a religious War it’s about the MONEY

Michael Yon – “Israel” under Netanyahu is an enemy of good Americans

Be Careful – Karma can be a real Bitch – Especially if its as big as a BUS

Another Free AD for HomeSchooling

Robby Starbuck educates PINK on pornographic books in school that she is pushing

Massive traffic jam from Activists Shutting down the Bay Bridge in San Francisco

Walmart Locks up the Jeans

Teen Drag Queen performs in a nightclub provocatively in front of adults

Village Chief in Ghana was whipped by his own citizens for squandering money meant to build a well

Violent Mobs “Activated” To Create Chaos (Just In Time For Elections) – Dr Drew

Horrific video from Oct 7th Hamas Massacre

MASK TOXICITY – German study exposes dangers of CO2 re-breathing

Glasgow Scotland 1901 before Diversity and Cultural Enrichement

Happy Trans-Awareness Week… Must Watch

Doctors in 1985 warned us about the Dangers of vaccines

Hunters Cocaine

British Jews are now being hunted and harassed by a black female on a bus

EV Charging Station uses the Equivalent Power Of 280 Homes Every Hour

Black Panthers openly talking about killing the White race.

Tesla’s sure love to catch on, EVEN UNDER WATER

Violent Black underclass murders 17-year-old white teen; politicians and media ignore

Mental illness – Trans becomes angry and wishes Death on Transphobic people.

Why are Hundreds of illegal Chinese growing Weed in Maine

Eye-witness account of illegal aliens Chinese, receiving training with AR-15, 9mm and .45 pistols

Congresswoman MTG Holds Hearing on Injuries Caused by COVID-19 Vaccines with Special Witnesses

Dr Peter McCullough: No one should take another Shot, COVID vaccines are not safe for Human use

Nearly 1 in 3 COVID vaccine recipients suffered some type of neurological side effect

A cartel will decide the US election

The Call for Jihad from within the English Military has begun

Week of Nov 20th

Dr McCullough “Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry is a Mafia syndicate that has been meeting in Davos for Years”

‘El Mago,’ drug trafficker linked to son of Sinaloa cartel kingpin, gunned down in L.A.

“Ai will be able to write a New Bible in the Future” – Yuval Harari

Africa Invades Europe – Migration Traffic is Never in the Other Direction 

40,000 child slaves work in extremely hazardous conditions of Congo’s cobalt mining industry – WATCH

171,000 Were Killed by COVID in the US, Not 1 Million: Dr. Robert Malone

If Chinese drive over the speed limit camera systems automatically deducts a fine from their digital wallet

Poso’s Proverbs #2 – “If you are hearing THIS, You are the Resistance” Jack Posobiec

How the MEDIA sees US

“mRNA injections were deliberately designed to cause blood clots & to attack the immune system” – Dr Yeadon explains to Dr Drew

Dark Money Poured Millions Into Unhinged Climate Activist Groups That Vandalize Priceless Art and Block Highways

Geert Wilders – New Prime Minister Netherlands Understands dangers of Open Borders

US is moving toward letting Ai weapons autonomously decide to kill humans

New Study – Females and Young Adults at Higher Risk of COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects

Everything about Jan 6 was a lie – Watch older woman get pushed down steps by police

Residents in Blue States Pay Much More for Electricity Than in Red States: Study

What are they up to NOW?
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Excess Mortality is Sky High in Taiwan

Pro-Palestine protesters disrupt Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, New York City

Protestors glue their hands to the 6th Avenue, in hopes to disrupt Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Why are Chinese Nationals sneaking into America

Secret Warnings About Wuhan Research Predated the Pandemic

School district to pay Satanic Temple $200k over block on ‘after school Satan club’

Time Lapse video of the West Side of the Capitol shows the crowd move past police lines at 2:27 PM

That’s a Female Penis
Man Lactating Toxins into Baby

Prosecutors didn’t want this Jan 6 footage to come out. Now it was Millions of Views

Woman getting WHIPPED under Sharia Law

Dr Malone “Data indicates there have been 17M excess deaths worldwide from the vaccines”

Undercover cops and FBI informants in the crowd on Jan 6 and embedded in “militia” group weeks before – The J6 Set Up


Jan. 6 police video captures Metro D.C. officer saying ‘we go undercover as Antifa’

World Gone Mad – Woman pees in aisle of Airplane

40K Check to Biden from CCP

Moderna Admits mRNA Jabs Cause Turbo-Cancer; Investigators Find Billions of DNA Fragments in Vials

Toronto Kids Hospital Video Normalizes Kids having Heart Attacks

England in 1901 – Look at the high standards of a society

Russia seeks extremist label for LGBT movement

Bud Light marketing executive resigns as sales continue to collapse over transgender controversy

Warning: Pilot says disaster is looming in the skies thanks to COVID-19 vaccine

‘We Will Not Stop Until Islam Enters Every Home, Say it as if the Ummah Depends on This’

Guess Who Just Made the Final 20 in the Miss Universe Pageant?… A Trans and the Plus-Size Girl

Pfizer Failed to Tell Pregnant Women in RSV Vaccine Trial About Preterm Birth Risk

WAR, FAMINE, FINANCIAL COLLAPSE… Every engineered crisis is a COVER STORY for a larger globalist crime or power grab

Only 3.6% of Americans Got Updated COVID-19 Shots as of Oct. 31

America is developing a new nuclear gravity bomb that is 24 times more powerful than Hiroshima’s atomic bomb

Week of Nov 27th

New J6 Footage – Capitol Police beat the hell out of protesters

Billions of People Received a Product That Was Overtly Contaminated: Dr. Ryan Cole

The Highwire – Deadly Toxins in Fast Food

Gay Pride Event – 1970 – No kids on site, No giant dildo’s, No naked old men

San Francisco Poop Map is REAL – Newsom’s America

Dell Bigtree – The Highwire – Battle on Twitter over childhood vaccine schedule

Animal Activists Locks his head to a moving assembly line and almost kills himself

Lukeville AZ – Mexico Border – Purposeful Destruction of American Sovereignty

Poop Patrol

Health Minister of Colombia, Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo slams experimental vaccine in an astonishing outburst

The Life of a San Francisco Poop Patrol worker

‘Hyperprogressive’ Cancers Due to COVID Vaccine-Caused IgG4 Antibodies

Health Workers in hazmat suits disinfecting schools in China.

The American Invasion Continues

Illegal whistleblower in Tx explains how NGO’s at the migrant center are committing major fraud

Another Safe & Effective “Vaccine” at Depopulating the Earth

2 year old toddler dies ONE DAY after receiving the Covid vaccine.

New Jan 6 Footage – Proof it was ALL a Set UP

Illegal Aliens Receiving GPS COORDINATES for Mass Crossings Into US

2021: A man suffered a sudden heart attack during the 15-minute waiting period post-vaccine – Died Suddenly

Clots, Cancers, & DNA Fragments – Dr Cole

America is being invaded by Land & by Sea – Islamorada – Key West

NYC Subways are a filthy hell hole – Homeless Urinating in front of riders

France citizens protesting against the Murder of a 16 yr old boy at a rugby club last week

What level of threat does Ai pose on our actual lives and how can we make wise moves now – Joe Allen

Why would Notre Dame High School begin sudden cardiac arrest screening

Looks like the Mexican GRAVY TRAIN is back up and Running