May 2024 Top Stories

Week of May 6th

“It takes 45 years of life of an EV battery to offset CO2 caused by making one and the life of these batteries is 12 to 15 years”

Pfizer made special COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine batches for their employees that were “distinct” from the toxic injections Pfizer sold globally

4D Image of a baby in the womb

“These were not mistakes my government made, these were lies my government told me and there’s a difference”

China burns more coal than the rest of the world combined

Netherlands commercial with children playing with adult sex toys

Obama with former Democrat Klansman Robert “KKK”Byrd

Black Working Class Families being Replaced by illegals

25 Communist tactics are being orchestrated across America

Corporate America got woke. Now it’s having second thoughts.

American Economy ‘Guaranteed to Get Worse’

Real Inflation Numbers since Biden Regime took over

The Latent Fascism of Today’s Anti-Fascists

“The United States Government is flying them in 24/7”

Wind and solar are currently producing 1% of UK electricity

“Cessation of coal fired electricity in the United States by 2039 completely”

The (Anti) Social Cost of Carbon

“Why are we pushing the vaccines on young males… people with zero risk from the illness, zero, zero risk”

Neuralink’s first in-human brain implant has experienced a problem

“I have from a whistleblower medical records of a soldier that show five different encounters in the year 2014-2015 said Moderna Covid Vaccine. Why would an official record of a soldier have that in 2015”

“The Unvaccinated, You are the Problem. It is the unvaccinated who are the problem, period end of story.”

“I’m taking a regular does of Ivermectin ” – Chris Cuomo

 “Extreme winter cold” in Antarctica as the mercury plummeted to “almost minus 80 degrees Celsius” on April 29, 2024.

Proof Democrats & Republicans in Congress as well as The Biden Regime are actively destroying America

Fulton County double-scanned ballots and they didn’t keep the required ballot images, as required by Georgia law. 380,000 ballot images are missing in Fulton County.

Georgia governor signs new election changes into law – Absentee ballots must be counted same night of elections

BREAKING: Judge Cannon Indefinitely Postpones Jack Smith’s Classified Documents Trial After Special Counsel Admits to Evidence Tampering

Monica Crowley Connects The “The Deep State Assault” On Richard Nixon And President Trump

African Methodists take a stand for biblical marriage after United Methodist Church adopts pro-LGBT measures

End of an Era: Boy Scouts of America Officially Changes Name to Embrace Inclusivity After 114 Years

We Have Been In A Rolling Marxist Revolution Since The 1930s. Nixon Was Right. McCarthy Was Right

Google takes down MAGA ad critical of Biden — prompting multitudes of reposts across social media

Poll Finds Massive Majority of College Students Not Interested in Anti-Israel Protests – Want Protesters Held Accountable for Disruptions and Damages

Julie Kelly Details The Judge In The Classified Documents Case Refusing To Set A New Date

German politician convicted of hate crime after sounding alarm about Afghan rape gangs

Dave Walsh: The Biden Administration’s Targeting Gas Turbines

“This is the same type of communist revolution communist uprising that we have seen takeover place after place around the world for 250 years”

Storm destroys the world’s largest floating Solar Panel Farm

 Female Darts Star Forfeits Denmark Open Match Against Trans-Identified Male In Protest Of His Inclusion In The Women’s Category

MIT becomes first elite university to ban diversity statements

Shedding From The Vax Is Still Happening and Excess Deaths Continues

Households Wince at the Rising Price of Going Green

Report: Soros, Democratic Donors Linked to Pro-Hamas Campus Protests

“6 Million records from all of Ontario gives you picture of catastrophic reproductive damage, genital damage, sexual damage, pregnancy damage, infertility and dead babies” Naomi Wolf

Trans-Identified Male Set To Compete In National Women’s Water Polo Championship For Second Time

Cuomo finally breaks down and admits vaccine injury…

Week of May 13th

Norwegian Gender Diversity Activist Who Streamed Genital Mutilation Pornography Sentenced To LIFE In Prison

Trump Alert: The Three VP Hopefuls to Avoid at All Costs

OBEY THE GAY: Parents Can’t Opt Children Out of LGBTQ Lessons, Federal Judges Rule.

The Whitmer ‘kidnapping hoax’ is on the brink of collapse…

Sorority reveals bizarre reason why 6ft 2in 200lb trans woman was allowed to join University of Wyoming’s chapter

Soros And Dem ‘Dark Money’ Groups Are Advising Election Officials and Bankrolling Poll Workers.

Two Orthodox Jewish children were brutally beaten by a young man on a Brooklyn sidewalk in an attack captured on video.

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico is an Anti-Jab, Anti-War Populist

North Carolina lawmakers pass ban on face masks in public even for medical reasons

Daily Wire CEO Called Covid Jabs the ‘Greatest Scientific Achievement of Our Lifetimes’

‘Yes, we did’ fund Wuhan gain-of-function research, ‘virtually every lab’ does it: NIH official

Transgender Inmate Who Said He Was “No Threat” To Women Charged With Sexual Assault After Transfer To Women’s Prison

Government of Peru Categorizes Transgender People as ‘Mentally Ill’

Hispanics and Young Voters Flee from Biden

The FDA is gearing up for a bird flu pandemic in people that could kill one in four of those it infects

How Many Illegals Does America Have? And How Many Vote?

“The WHO Treaty, they are about to sign it in a few weeks. This what that looks like..

“There’s a crack in the dam Del. The Covid cartel will do everything they can to repair it but the body count is way too high. They simply can’t deny the reality of vaccine injuries anymore”

How Islam Really Views the West

“Chris Cuomo all the science on ivermectin existed when you were shaming people”

General Flynn: Winning Against The Deep State

Alabama Governor Signs Bill Banning Lab-Grown Meat

“This ivermectin issue is bigger than the vaccine ever would be”

New Jersey Mayors Want the Power To Sue You For Asking Too Many Questions

“These were not mistakes my government made, these were lies my government told me and there’s a difference”

South Carolina passes ban on transgender surgeries for children, secret ‘transitions’ at school

Ford cuts orders for electric vehicle batteries amid losses

Pfizer very quietly agrees to settle 10,000 cancer lawsuits

RKF Jr. just found a radical new way to wipe himself off the map in Texas…

RFK Jr. confirms he supports legal abortion up until birth 

Minnesota Mother says daughter was attacked at school because ‘she wasn’t Muslim’

America unleashes on woke Scouts: Backlash is so intense, disgraced group tucks tail and runs

Nigel Farage joins campaign to reform the WHO and stop ‘terrifying’ pandemic treaty

China and US resume cooperation on deportation as Chinese immigrants rush in from southern border

Missouri governor signs law defunding Planned Parenthood, other abortion businesses

FBI’s sinister anti-Christian ‘PATCON’ program is the internet’s best kept secret. Until now….

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Week of May 20th

The Government Cartel paid billions to Walgreens and CVS not to fill Ivermectin

“Donald Trump to be the Ring Leader and invite all his CLOWNS to the Bronx” Governor Kathy Hochul

Top 5 Moments of TRUMP Bronx, NY Rally 2024 – MASSIVE CROWDS!

UCLA School of Medicine hires a WOKE Dean of Admissions, and suddenly, students starts failing at EXPLOSIVE rate

No “science or evidence” ever supported social distancing policies….NIH Director Francis Collins admits

Censored video re-emerges of disrobing and changing into MAGA gear on Jan 6

Nintendo’s New ‘Paper Mario’ Video Game to Feature Transgender Character (VIDEO)

“This is all pre-planned by an elite group of people. Event 201 occurred in late 2019 prior to the rest of us knowing about this pandemic”

Secret Obama memo on presidential records which shows that Jack Smith is the one subverting the law

Never-Before-Seen Memo Reveals Secret Obama-Era Program that Blows Up the Stated Reason Behind the Biden Regime’s Fascist Raid on Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Home

The Carbon Credit Scam: Financial Cost, Virtue Signaling, Little or No Environmental Benefit

Sen. Rand Paul is calling on the Justice Department to probe whether a top adviser to Dr. Anthony Fauci improperly concealed, or destroyed documents pertaining to the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic

Joe Biden plans to release 1 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower gas prices.

We shouldn’t be surprised by how evil has thrived…

Newsom Signs Bill to Allow Arizona Abortionists to Perform Procedure in California

50% SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) occur within 48 hours of a vaccine and 80% within 2 weeks.

MASSIVE Trump Mugshot Unveiled At Yankee Stadium, Liberals Lose It

“Is this Bird Flu just another election coming scam”

CNN Ratings Problems Continue

Nigel Farage Says he Won’t Stand in UK Election, Says Campaigning in U.S. Globally Important

“China has complete control over the root sources of our generic pharmaceuticals

Nikki Haley Says She Is Voting For Donald Trump

One Health: Climate Vaccines Are Coming For The Cattle, Then For Humans

When I say they green lit the assassination of President Trump, you see in the documents it says authorize the use of deadly force

Actress Cate Blanchett, Worth $95 Million, Calls Herself ‘Middle Class’ at Cannes

Was The Military Really Behind The Pandemic Response?

Breaking: China Launches War Games Around Taiwan as ‘Punishment’

American Airlines Blames 9-Year-Old Girl Secretly Recorded in Bathroom, Says It Was Her Fault for Not Noticing

Dr. Peter McCullough: ‘Bird Flu Is the Next Disease X’

Biden Cancels More than $7 Billion in Student Debt for 160,000 People

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Trump Beats Biden in Multiple Polls, Leading in Seven Swing States

“Pro-Pedophile” Activist Group Celebrates As Germany Decriminalizes Child Porn Possession

BREAKING: Unsealed Documents Reveal The FBI Authorized Use of “Deadly Force” During Mar-a-Lago Raid

Biden Approval Takes a New Dive and Shows He’s Losing Even More Ground

Why Real American Beef Is Under Attack

Supreme Court Issues Key Mail-In Ballot Ruling Ahead Of 2024 Election

Scottish Green Party Backs Transgender Candidate “Sophie Sparkles” In Upcoming Elections

Russia Just Launched Space Weapon Capable of Attacking Our Satellites

Biden To Drain Oil Reserves To Attempt Lower Prices at Pump

World Bank Launches Plan to Decimate Global Farming Under Excuse of Cutting Carbon Emissions

New Study Reveals Drastic Increase in Suicide Risk Post Gender-Affirming Surgery

New Jersey Gym Owners Who Defied COVID Lockdowns Cleared of All Charges

Top British pediatrician: US medical establishment is ‘misleading’ the public about the science behind child sex changes

“An official from the NIH comes out and admits….Yes, Eco Health Alliance was the pass through entity that was funding Gain of Function Research at Wuhan Lab”

 North Idaho Is Extremist, Far-Right, Ultra-Conservative

The House Passed A Border Solution A Year Ago, But Senate Democrats Don’t Want It

“Do you wish to retract your statement that the NIH never funded Gain of Function Research”

Blaze News investigates: Biden’s plan to fix the housing crisis will only make homes more expensive and out of reach, say housing experts

George Soros Fueled $80M Into Groups Calling for Big Tech Censorship in Lead-Up to 2024 Elections

“The duly elected president can be undermined by the Administrative State, that is something I’ve been worried about, suspicion about” Dr Drew

Former NIH Director Admits Government Was Top Source Of Covid Misinformation

MSNBC Spews Fake News About Butker Speech To Warn About GOP ‘Misogyny’

“These are propaganda techniques, they were using propaganda on one end and then using more aggressively cancellation and censorship. We saw totalitarian states doing shit like this, we looked at it as Evil” Dr Drew

The Only Discernible Crime In Trump Trial Is Michael Cohen Admitting To Stealing $30,000

“There’s no evidence that surgical masks do anything. Surgeons wear surgical masks so their saliva and the bacteria in the mouth does not enter a sterile field”

Week of May 27th

America Just Suffered the First Terror Attack by a Border-Crossing Illegal Alien

University of Florida employee, student implicated in illegal plot to ship drugs and toxins to China

Moms For Liberty Targeted By FBI And DOJ “Hate” Unit Responsible For Tracking KKK

Trump campaign finance director says he uncovered FBI’s dark new coercion plot to stop Trump…

Mel Gibson Drops Out Of Multi-Million Dollar Project With Robert De Niro

The Astrazeneca Vaccine has been linked to Blood Clots

Banana Republic: Judge tells jury they don’t have to unanimously agree with which crime is committed… just pick one!

Tedros Must Face Reality

Children at schools in England will no longer be taught gender identity under new government proposals

Doomsday CEO who correctly predicted the retail apocalypse issues another stark warning about the U.S. economy: ‘Ready to crack’

“This was an attempted assassination attempt on Donald Trump”

President Trump plans to prosecute Anthony Fauci and other individuals responsible for crimes against humanity with Covid

Biden’s Gaza pier is sinking into the sea… very few supplies delivered and $320 million in US tax dollars down the drain…

Remember when Reporters were caught on hot mic joking about an ASSASSINATION attempt on Donald Trump

Trudeau – Then & Now

Julie Kelly Substack

The Government Cartel paid billions to Walgreens and CVS not to fill Ivermectin

Stew Peters Show: California Courts Prepare for Castration of 11-Year-Old Boy

House Judiciary Committee is investgating the abuse that took place against one January 6 defendant while in the D.C. jail

Alan Dershowitz Alleges ‘Major’ Issue in Trump Criminal Trial

James Carville tears into Democratic Party over messaging: ‘Full of s—‘

Megyn Kelly Asks Shapiro if Free Speech Ends with Criticism of Israel

Trump Gets Hero’s Greeting at NASCAR Race in Swing State North Carolina

Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is SO REAL It Will Be Used as Evidence in His Gun Trial

Pedophile Convicted Of Raping His 7 Year-Old Stepdaughter Appeals Life Sentence After Announcing He Is Transgender

Why a Hung Jury Is Likely in the Trump Case

Australians Abandon Physical Cash and the Freedom It Protects

Bidenomics Has Made Fast Food a Luxury Item

Even CNN Is Prepping Dems That ‘Worst Case Scenario’ May Be Coming With Trump Verdict

Daily Wire CEO Called Covid Jabs the ‘Greatest Scientific Achievement of Our Lifetimes’