March 2024 Top Stories

Week of March 4th

The transgender movement has conquered America life – short film by Chris Rufo

Blacks / Hispanics in the Way

Every single American medical organization supports sterilization and mutilation of minors!”


Laken Riley should have been able to go on a run in broad daylight without being Murdered, by an illegal immigrant”

14-year-old girl walked into a private clinic in Quebec, said she was trans, and was given a testosterone prescription in less than 9 minutes

Ben Bergquam And Oscar Ramirez Live On Biden’s Border Crisis

250,000 + illegals sent to Boston Area

It’s either a Closed Border or a Complete Invasion

“Let My People Go” Full Length Documentary David Clements

Mass. launches new $10.5M program to help 400 migrant families move out of state-run shelters

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Virginia illegal arrested for kidnapping and sex crimes

Democrat senator Dick Durbin thwarts GOP effort to pass bill detaining illegal immigrants charged with violent crime

Defense Department analyzing possible spy balloon discovered off Alaskan coast

The federal government uses taxpayer dollars to fund services for LGBT community in Latin America 

Another illegal murders State Trooper

Doctors admit link between transgender hormone therapy and cancer in leaked emails

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California lawmakers are proposing expanding the state’s zero-down home loan program to illegal aliens

Covid Select committee announces a subpoena to compel former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to appear for a deposition.

Sweden is using DIESEL generators to charge up the new “environmentally friendly” Chinese electric busses

Satanic Temple Prepares to Enter Florida Schools as State Moves to Pass Bill

University President Decries ‘Fringe Agenda’ of Trans Inclusion after Male Wins Women’s Race

BBC tried to discipline journalist for saying men cannot scientifically be women

Federal judge rules Florida can’t ban noncitizens from registering voters

High School Coach Banned After Refusing to Let Team Compete Against Trans Player

West Virginia Governor Set to Sign State Bill Banning Non-Binary Gender From Birth Certificates

Spanish soldiers change gender to gain benefits intended for women

NY AG Letitia James Announces War on Beef

Maine Transgender Activists Launch Offensive Against Conservative States

Biden to allow 320,000 illegals to apply for asylum from their home countries and then secretly flew them to U.S. airports from foreign ones

Julie Kelly Substack

Top Cardiologist Calls On General Medical Council To Investigate Injuries Caused By Covid Jabs

Gender Transformation The Untold Horror Stories – Full Documentary

China is going from door-to-door to install QR codes on citizens’ homes. So everyone can instantly check the homeowners’ social credit score by scanning this QR code

Chinese villagers do free labor works (repairing a road) to raise their social credit rankings

More incredible footage from the Darien Gap

Move out of Democrat Run Cities – Oakland has been destroyed – watch

University of Florida Fires All DEI Staff

Maine’s Soros-Funded DA Will No Longer Charge Illegal Aliens for Some Traffic Violations

Pfizer Covid vaccine has 1,291 side effects reveals official documents

BREAKING AUDIO: RINO Ohio Senate Candidate Matt Dolan says we need to put funding Ukraine ahead of securing our own border

New California bill would make illegal immigrants eligible for first time homebuyer loans

February 19-25, San Diego CBP officers conducted 42 drug seizures, seized 554lbs of cocaine, 229lbs of fentanyl, and 1,650lbs of meth

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Week of March 11th

“Before Covid I was not aware of the scope and the scale of corruption” Dr Kory

Female athletes sue NCAA for letting men compete against women

“In 2023 alone, we had excess mortality of 158,000 Americans ” Dr Kory

“70% are Long Vax Not Long Covid meaning all of their issues the syndrome started after the Vaccine NOT Covid” – Dr Kory

450,000 Unaccompanied Minors let in since the Biden administration began – Lara Logan

“Everyone of these NGO’s is anti-American if they are anti-American, they should not get a penny from the US government and any of your charity money”

“Who’s Dying ” – Dr Kory

“This invasion is well thought through well financed well organized well interconnected inextricably linked they got a whole plan on how to get the world up here”

“It takes 45 years of life of an EV battery to offset CO2 caused by making one and the life of these batteries is 12 to 15 years” Dave Walsh Energy

Free Loans for illegals

“They don’t call them illegal invaders, even MSNBC called them “NEWCOMERS” from the Whites house itself newcomers”

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Trans Mental Disorder

“This shows what happens when you have a country whose government is run by insane people and you don’t lock the insane people up” Jack Posobiec

In China, police not only check your bags in subways, but also they check your phone for your social media history – Must Watch

“Of all the lies told in public over the last 10 years this may have been the most painful of all” Tucker Carlson

Parents Publicly Exposed a Secret Elementary LGBTQ Club in Elementary School


“They need us to lose our jobs so that we lose credibility so that we lose our voice because nobody wants to listen to someone who is Uncredible” Dr Kory

“Haiti Mass Migration Coming” Matt Gaetz

“If they win the House they will refuse to Certify Donald J Trump as The President of The United States”

“70% are Long Vax Not Long Covid meaning all of their issues the syndrome started after the Vaccine not covid” Dr Kory

AL GORE in 2010Ice Free Polar Cap

U.S. Coast Guard has been ordered to follow illegal Haitian migrants to the coast and allow them to enter America through southern Florida

“It’s not only the young people but the healthiest and most employed ” Dr Kory

Germany Needs Sixfold Jump in EV Sales to Meet Emissions Goal

Cross-dressing Texas teacher resigns after viral video shows him wearing pink dress at school

“In 2023 alone, we had excess mortality of 158,000 Americans ” Dr Kory

Canadian police are encouraging people to leave their car keys in the front to avoid conflict with thieves

“Vitamin D has been one of the most attacked substances over the last 3-4 decades. WHY …. it threatens the disease model”

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“This is not a political issue, this is not about the red team or the blue team, this is about team humanity” – Ed Dowd

“They plan to make money off the Covid19 vaccine injured. Whether it’s blood clots, heart injuries, neurological injuries, the big one is CANCER” Dr Makis

“The #6 best selling drug in the world is Eliquis which is owned by Pfizer and it’s a blood thinner” – Dr Makis

“Their business model is to poison you, then sell you the antidote…” Shannon Joy

“It’s not about the covid vaccine, they have over 500 mRNA products in the pipeline whether it’s Pfizer whether it’s Moderna” – Dr Makis

“Fetuses are Developing Cancers” these may be Turbo Cancers – Dr Makis

“College students in their early 20’s developing” STAGE 4 CANCERS, Breast Cancers, Sarcomas, Colon Cancers, Lung Cancers, Lymphomast, Leukemias” – Dr Makis

Colorado Triplets – 2 develop Cancer – Dr Makis

“Pfizer’s next big thing is CANCER and now we’re seeing an explosion of Cancers in the Vaccinated, Turbo Cancers we’ve never seen before” – Dr Makis

“Unprecedented rates of dying, in fact they said historically unprecedented they’ve never seen rates of death like this amongst young people” – Dr Pierre Kory

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Biden Apologizes for saying illegal

Kirk Cameron “Infiltrating Kids Minds”

Kirk Cameron “The Great Awakening”

BREAKING NEWS: Three pilots dead in past 3 weeks:

“Unprecedented rates of dying, in fact they said historically unprecedented they’ve never seen rates of death like this amongst young people, largely starting in 2021”

Biden administration pressured Amazon to censor books that questioned COVID vaccines

“In Maine alone, taxpayers have paid $60 million in one year towards gender procedures.”

Brownstone Institute reminds us of what America went through starting in March 2020. An important reflection

Biden tells the World to Surge the Border

Rafael Govea Romero, a 23-year-old an ILLEGAL murdered LIZBETH MEDINA

Doctors At Top Transgender Group Knowingly Giving Kids Cancer-Linked Hormone Drugs, Leaked Emails Show

“What legitimate president would do that to his country where’s the love of country, why would you ever allow 10 million aliens into your nation”

Barack Obama 3rd Term

This makes no sense

Dr McCullough Substack
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Week of March 18th

Dr McCullough Arizona Hearing – Novel Coronavirus Southwestern Intergovernmental Committee, March 15, 2024

“Everything we’ve presented today in terms of our concerns on the suppression of early treatment, the lack of advancements in the hospitals and then unsafe and ineffective vaccines everything that we’ve presented today is an under representation of reality”

“51,000 Cleveland clinic workers analyses showed the unvaccinated had the lowest rate of recurring Covid and that with each shot a worker actually got more and more cases of Covid”

“We now have record maternal mortality, starting in 2021”

“Study found astronomical rates of…Fetal Loss, Miscarriages, Stillbirths,  Fetal Demise, Maternal hemorrhage, Fetal hemorrhage”

“The FDA and the institutional review boards knew was deadly for pregnant women to take a shot”

“We are witnessing an active cover-up of a colossal consumer product safety debacle that is affecting the entire world”

“People should ask their doctors are you still pushing these vaccines? Have you taken all nine shots?”

“Study showed those on Remdesivir had a 17% mortality rate” “Why do hospitals stock and use Remdesivir today”

“Majority of Americans, who died in the hospital, died alone”

“Paxlovid could actually prolong Covid and cause rebound. 21% of patients who take Paxlovid 30 days later get Covid again”

“70% of long Covid is caused by vaccinations” “Four major areas of damage to the human body are occurring”

“CDC confirms approximately 18,500 Americans died after the vaccine, 1150 die on the same day they take the shot, 1150 die on the same day they take the shot”

“That means the total number of Americans who likely have passed away of the vaccine is about 550,000”

Uttar Pradesh India using COVID KITS with Ivermectin – “six months later more than half the districts of Uttar Pradesh were declared Covid virus free”

“Worldwide Coordinated Agenda” – Dr Apter

“Someone dying of COVID-19 in the hospital is a failure, it’s a failure at the hospital, the hospital was supposed to save lives there shouldn’t have been a single death in the hospital”

“The FDA is not allowed to tell doctors how to treat a certain disease they are not allowed to tell patients how they should be treated, This is a clear violation of their role” Dr Mary Talley Bowden

“Every single American admitted to the hospital should have been administered ivermectin” “Because it gave a chance at survival and there was nothing to suggest that it was unsafe”

“Suppression of Early Treatments, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Colchicine, Vitamin D, Five monoclonal antibodies, Nasal sprays and gargles”

 No Treatments for Two Years – “For two years of this four-year pandemic nothing for Americans to help get through the COVID-19 illness”

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‘RADICALIZED BY THE RIGHT’: CNN Freaks Over ‘Enormously Influential’ Elon Musk, Fears His ‘Corrosive Venom’ Will Destroy Liberal Media

Trump Promises to Free January 6 Political Prisoners as One of His First Acts if Re-Elected

Barack Obama 3rd Term

“Grand, sprawling, censorship edifice within the federal government paid for by our tax dollars” Naomi Wolf on Gov. Censorship

MS-13 gangbanger allegedly sex trafficked underage migrant in NYC after jumping bail in child abuse case

Chicago Uber Driver Gets Shot At While Picking Up Woman Passenger

“Machines should be put in charge of making the decision of whether or not to kill machines will do a better job” Ai Joe Allen

New Yorker slashed in the face with box cutter on the Long Island Railroad

“Every single American admitted to the hospital should have been administered ivermectin” Dr McCullough

BREAKING: An illegal two people in a Laundromat in O’Fallon, Missouri on Sunday.

This is a MAN

Invasion from Haiti

“The FDA is not allowed to tell doctors how to treat a certain disease they are not allowed to tell patients how they should be treated” Dr Mary Bowden

“Someone dying of COVID-19 in the hospital is a failure, it’s a failure at the hospital, the hospital was supposed to save lives there shouldn’t have been a single death in the hospital” Dr McCullough

Illegal immigrants can now carry guns, a federal judge has ruled. At this point, it seems like illegals have as many rights as US citizens but without even half the responsibilities.

Illegal Immigrants Protest In The Streets Of New York For Being Forced To Move to another 4 Star Hotel

Worldwide Coordinated Agenda

Week of March 25th

Attack on Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge CONFIRMED a terrorist attack

Gov Hochul removed from Murdered Officers Funeral as bystanders clapped

Ai & The Singularity

“They have figured out how to bring us down as long as you stay away from the teeth of the US military you can pick US apart” – Lara Logan

Drone footage of Francis Scott Key Baltimore Bridge Cyber Attack Collapse

Black Working Class Families being Replaced by illegals

Another bridge struck by a barge

“LGBTQIA+” community has just about enough days as it is… and quite frankly, those aren’t needed either.

Look at ALL these LGBT Days of Celebration

“We are at War” – Michael Yon

The New Slavery: Tennessee Factory Busted For Employing Migrant Children

Covid Cover Up – “We are witnessing an active cover-up of a colossal consumer product safety debacle that is affecting the entire world” – Dr McCullough

Climate: The Movie is a Perfect Cure for Climate Anxiety

Digital ID Bill has passed in Australia. Good thing Digital ID will be voluntary just like the Covid vaccines

“Good levels of vitamin D are protective against a whole range of cancers”

“What we saw that was really shocking appeared to be an entirely separate migration of people, mostly male, mostly military aged” – Bret Weinstein

Solar farm the size of 2,500 football fields destroyed in Texas amid growing solar e-waste problem

Today in London Subway – Crazed immigrant wielding a large knife and stabbing passenger

NYC will spend $10.5 billion on illegals by 2025. Massachusetts spends $75 million/MONTH housing illegals.

Lara Logan On The Francis Scott Key Bridge: “It Is A Financial And Economic Attack”

illegal Spits in you Face – Shows off all his Taxpayer Money

Multiple women reported being punched in the face throughout New York City

This is the kind of rhetoric the left fears coming out of the mouths of black men!

“J6 Pipe Bomb Coverup?” Darren Beattie

RFK Jr. supported building national ‘smart grid’ that can remotely shut off personal appliances

Democrats Vote to Fly illegals into America

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20 Post Highlight Reel From Arizona Covid Hearing featuring Dr McCullough & others

James Carville Sounds Off on Dems in Wild NYT Column, Says Party’s Culture is Being Dominated By ‘Too Many Preachy Females’

“I used to literally go at least 2-4 months without seeing a pathologic issue with a (pregnant) female. Now I am seeing it 4-5 times per day every day.” ~Dr. Triantos

21 States Where Squatters Can Legally Claim Your Property

Trump supporters showed up to protest Kathy Griffin’s event

Washington public schools to begin teaching LGBTQ history by 2025

Drag queen sex offender arrested again for sexual offenses with minors

“My leading hypothesis is that this is actually an invasion that is being driven by the Chinese communist party” – Bret Weinstein

“Millions Injured by Vaccine” Dr Ladapo

San Francisco dumps sewage into bay at alarming rate, environmental advocates say

“You don’t have a choice, people act like you have a choice. Normalcy only returns when we largely VACCINATED the ENTIRE GLOBAL POPULATION” – Bill Gates

New York City illegals are receiving free rent, free food and now are receiving FREE LAWYERS, FREE MEDICARE, and FREE FLIGHTS

Hail storm in Damon texas on 3/24/24 destroys 1,000’s of acres of solar farms.

FDA Admits COVID Vaccine Leads to ‘Significiantly Elevated’ Risk of Seizure in Toddlers

“Live an Aligned Life” Patrick Bet-David

Dangers of Open Ai

Britain risks losing power to control future lockdowns to WHO