July 2023 Top Stories

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Died Suddenly, click for link
FYI… This is a Woman
Wear a mask but this is OK (Click to Read)

The author of children’s sex book ‘Welcome to Sex’ said she would be ‘happy’ for an 8 year old to read her book. Chapters on: Anal, Fingering, Hand Jobs, Scissoring, Oral

Fox News reveals it is matching employee donations to the Satanic Temple, far-left LGBT activist organization The Trevor Project & Planned Parenthood

Fed launches payment system that lays the groundwork for global digital control over everything…

Corporate and University DEI programs increase racial hostility in a workplace, companies across America are laying off DEI officers and getting rid of senior DEI roles.

Miss Italy beauty pageant BANS transgender competitors.

“There is no scientific proof that carbon dioxide is responsible for any of the slight warming of the global climate. But there is certainty beyond doubt that it is the building block for all life on Earth.” (video)

Taiwan developing drone defense against an attack from China.

THE SOUND OF FREEDOM: Exposes The Pedophile Economy enslaving millions of innocent children around the world to a life of rape, torture and murder

Biden took bribe money & leveraged his position as VP to change US policy in a nation we are now sending billions to & risking WW3

Library book for 8 year olds
FL county declares Vax a bioweapon
China fishes until extension
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New Maybelline Spokesperson

Drag the disruptive “activists” out of the road way by their hair (video)

Teaching biology could get you fired

Degrade Deadly Spike Proteins: Here’s How in 96 Seconds, Per Dr. Peter McCullough (video)

After being mandated to take covid shots she developed myocarditis. Her only chance of survival is a heart transplant. (donate here)

“This is the greatest cover-up I’ve ever seen in my life.” Disability claims are on the rise, and people are wondering why. “If it’s not the vaccine, what is it?” asks Ed Dowd (video)

UK: London Police Partners with LGBT Activist Who Defended “Sex with Children”

Dr Peter McCullough’s conclusion is that the childhood vaccination schedule is to blame and his analysis of the data is compelling (video)

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds Signs Heartbeat Law Saving Babies From Abortions

Military Report: Illegally Administered COVID Shot Killed U.S. Marine 

Amid Partisan Politicking, Revelations on Covid Origins (must read)

Scientist who led the condemnation of the Covid lab leak theory privately believed it was ‘highly likely’, leaked messages show

Tucker Carlson Reportedly Creating His Own Media Company, Partnership with Elon Musk

Top gender expert shows how out of step the American medical establishment is with its European counterparts

So Trans Men can have abortions
Excess Deaths Rise (video)
Arrested in Child Sting
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Sam Smith Concert
7 Year old BOY
Nude aroused old man at Pride Event
Quarantined Teslas (Click to read)
“I Love Trump” (click for video)
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France Has Fallen
Another Naked Pride Parade
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4 Jabs, Dead at 30, Click for link
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