January 2024 Top Stories

Week of January 1st 2024

Green Energy Waste Overlooked In Climate Agenda

Foreigners armed with knives attacking Irish people

Iranians are burning down Mosques, they are turning away from Islam

Let in the Third WORLD – Become the Third WORLD

Church of England First Non Binary Priest

Dr. Joseph Ladapo: I Am Calling For A Halt To The Use Of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

Tucker Carlson – “Everything they said was wrong about the VAX”

Bret Weinstein – “I saw a credible estimate of something like 17 million deaths globally from the Vax”

What’s happening to BLOOD ???

Global Propaganda Main Stream Media is NOT covering this – German Farmer Protest

Anti-Israel protesters block Westminster Bridge – UK

BOMBSHELL REPORT – Startling Spike in Singapore’s Cancer Medication Sales in 2023

Dr McCullough – “The WHO aspires to have complete dominion over EVERYTHING”

Vaccinated Deaths in Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Clinical Trial Not Disclosed to FDA

illegals Protest at Colorado Capitol, Demanding Work and Stop to Encampment Sweep

Jeffrey Epstein Document Links – Click Here

Epstein sexually trafficked kids to “prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well as Prime Minister, and other world leaders.”

Jeffrey Epstein was a sick perverted Man who surrounded himself with people with his same passions

One victim brought other high school girls to Jeffrey Epstein

Testimony of MINOR abused by Epstein

Epstein File reveals Bill Clinton stormed Vanity Fair office & threatened them not to expose his “good friend” Jeffrey Epstein.

Second dump of Epstein files just dropped Looks pretty bad for Bill Clinton

Epstein Files Threatens to bring down Global Pedophile Network

John Kerry “there shouldn’t be any more coal fired power plants anywhere in the world”

African Boat Caravan

Steve Bannon on the Border “”No nation in the history of the earth has ever invited their own destruction”

7000 Yezidi women and children kidnapped and SOLD by ISIS – Watch

“We are losing America” – Oscar Blue

Bannon & Posobiec on Nikki as VP ” She is Viper”

Child Trafficking caught on camera. This is how children are moved around in the United States.

This man was sexually assaulting a child at the border in front of everyone

California becomes first state to offer health insurance to ALL illegal migrants

Japan begins the New Year with a has Massive 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake

Hours Later – Japan Airlines Airbus A-350 collided with a Coast Guard plane

Klaus Schwab Predicts Cyber Pandemic

Chinese at Invasion Camp now in Darien, Panama

WEF’s plan to impose a carbon allowance, connected to digital ID, under the guise of tackling the imaginary “climate crisis”

ATF changes rules so illegals can buy Firearms

Head of the WHO declares war on meat and traditional agriculture

First Train Derailment of the Year on Jan 1st

Another Massive illegal Caravan coming from Mexico

Brand New Cell Phones as soon as illegals land on European soil

Week of January 8th

A whistleblower at Texas Children’s exposed the hospital’s secret child sex-change program

Bombshell Study Finds 1 in 35 Moderna Booster Recipients Suffered Vaxx-Related Heart Damage

DEI is destroying the airline industry – Matt Walsh

Former president of LGBT organization charged with committing child-sex exploitation and child pornography charges

Cancer is Striking more young people and Doctors are alarmed and baffled

US Army Struggling To Recruit White Soldiers And The Reason Is Obvious

Big Pharma Executive Blows Whistle: ‘COVID Vaccines Are Designed To Kill Billions’

Fauci admits social distancing not based on science

‘I Don’t Recall’: Fauci Unable to Answer Key Questions in Pandemic Probe

Hertz Begins Dumping 20,000 EVs In Shift Back To Gas Powered Cars

EXPLOSIVE REPORT: Army Official Says Mark Milley Delayed National Guard Response to Jan 6 ‘Then Lied About It’.

The Real Cost of Electric Vehicles – The Children who mine it

South America’s ‘lithium fields’ reveal the dark side of our electric future

Uncovered location of an migrant resettlement camp in the Mission Valley community of San Diego

Tucker Carlson – When do the architects of the COVID catastrophe go on trial? We asked Alex Berenson

Shocking! Dozens of Very Pregnant Migrants Processed In The Middle Of The Night At Texas Border

Criminality In The White House: The Rise Of The Political Psychopath

The Religion of Peace – Must Watch

“The spike protein, now in 3,400 peer-reviewed papers and growing, is proven to cause heart damage and myocarditis.” Dr McCullough

Klaus Schwab WEF “Who masters those technologies in some way will be the MASTER of the world”

COVID Shots Linked To Autism? Stunning New Study

“You have this anti system movement, what we are seeing is a revolution against the system” Klaus Schwab WEF

Poland Takes Political Prisoners As Globalists’ Power Rise In Parliament, Posobiec Explains

The Invisible Bogeyman Of ‘White Supremacy’ – Matt Walsh

We’ve already exposed the Vaccines Now it’s time to Act – Horowitz / Dr Bowden

Farmers kill 8 million people every year – Tedros

” I wish we had such a brave leaders in Europe, people who put their own people and nation first as President Trump puts America first” Geert Wilders

“Will Republicans Choose The Steak Or The SPAM” – Shannon Joy / Daniel Horowitz

Raheem Kassam Explains How Populism Can Take Prominence In The United States And Globe

Nikki Haley’s inspiration is Hillary Clinton – Her words

Kash Patel Explains How Lloyd Austin Withheld His Illness And Endangered Americans

Ohio House votes to override Gov. DeWine’s veto of transgender treatments, sports bans

RFK Jr. Unloads the Truth About Ivermectin to The Hill: “It Was Really a Miracle Drug”

Leftists caught directly aiding and abetting the invasion in Arizona

The CCP has openly declared war on us: Frank Gaffney at the WW3 conference

‘More COVID Jab Side Effects’ with Dr. Peterson Pierre

Iranian national who crossed illegally into Jacumba, California, warns America of what’s coming

Monica Crowley – Michelle Obama To Potentially Replace Joe Biden

Fani Willis’ Inappropriate Relationship With Prosecutor

“They’re not helping Israel by doing this. You want to help Israel? Go to fuckin Israel!”

John Mills Joins WarRoom To Discuss Election In Taiwan

Rickards Foretells The Next America’s Next National Security

How an underground industry is helping migrants flee China for the US

Australia has Fallen – “Extremist” Memes now illegal

The Great German Farmer Protests Have Begun

Take a Stroll through Paris – it’s unrecognizable

Paris has become a 3rd World Slum

The New Media has arrived – Tucker Carlson Network

Another massive caravan from Mexico is on the way

Michigan parents sue school, daughter was transitioned socially without their knowledge

Three more Texas counties declare invasion, bringing total to 50

Mask Mandate in Missouri Reversed Within Hours

Week of January 15th

COVID jabs are DEADLY: Here’s a summary of the evidence so far

Milwaukee Public Schools reportedly distributes ‘de-center Whiteness’ memo to teachers

“It’s going to be a series of black swan events, we have to be prepared in 2024”

“America will thrive without the West but the West will NOT survive without America”

“Generation Indoctrination” – Inside the transgender battle and gender chaos in America

“If they break the United States of our sovereignty and the sovereignty of our citizens they can control and rule everything”


Nikki Haley – “Everyone on Social Media should be Verified by their Name”

Nikki Haley – Tells Chinese company “I now officially work for you.”

RFK says he will Pardon Assange & Snowden on his first day in office

The DEA seized 386 million lethal doses of fentanyl in 2023 — enough to kill every single American 

Moms for Liberty showed that the Left doesn’t know what democracy means

Bill Blaster – Congress at your fingertips

Recent Sky-High Levels of Illegal Migration Are Dropping Fast – Here’s Why – Todd Bensman

Listen to The Mutilation Of Children Against Parents Discretion

Dr. Nehls Describes The Attacks On Our Mental Freedom ‘The Indoctrinated Brain’

Dr Naomi Wolf – CDC secretly tested 5-15 years for Heart Damage

Listen to the Heartbreaking story of a mom waiting for her daughter to come out of Phalloplasty surgery

PososProverbs – Should we just give up – Jack Posobiec

Quebec climate change conspiracy theorist pleads guilty to starting 14 fires

Electric Vehicle Scam – Hours to charge car in cold weather

Current State of Affairs in American Cities

Yemen Kids speak about death to the UK and US

London in the 1950’s

Powerhouse J6 reporters stun Seb Gorka with insider details on two major players…

Biden’s HHS to spend $700,000 on ‘inclusive teen pregnancy prevention for transgender boys’

Electric Vehicles stranded everywhere unable to CHARGE in the extreme Cold

Full MTG Hearing on Injuries Caused By COVID-19 Vaccines – must watch

“This is an unproven unsafe Vaccine …need to stop these products immediately” Dr Ryan Cole

“The messenger RNA is stuck in the human heart 30 days after the vaccine” Dr McCullough

“Conventional vaccines have unavoidable harms” Dr McCullough

“These vaccines are a brand new technology that installs the genetic code for the lethal part of the virus” Dr McCullough

“Just yesterday I saw patients with 2 foot Blood Clots” Dr McCullough

“It’s never about winning the war it’s about making the war continuous” – Jack Posobiec

New footage of another caravan of illegals on there way to the promised land

German Farmer Convoy Paralyzes Berlin

Germany’s far right seek revolution in farmers’ protests

German Farmer Compilation Video – Don’t mess with the people who feed you

Rioters Breach White House Security Fence During “March for Gaza”

California convenience store gets ransacked – Newsom’s America

Nearly ONE HUNDRED churches across Canada have been torched or damaged

The Streets of San Francisco – Newsom’s America

Week of January 22nd

Take Our Border Back Convoy

Maine Voting To Not Be A Trans Sanctuary State

Any other products causing this much suffering and destruction would be immediately halted

Military poison shots

Jesse Kelly on Communism

Transgender Trafficking Bill

Here is what’s KILLING us

NC illegals evicting Special Needs Kids

FBI Declares Invasion

 ‘God’s army’ plans to head to the Texas border to stop migrants from entering the US

Evidence: How CDC Buried Vaccine Death Data

There is no such thing as a transgender child

Psychiatric industry has turned every negative human emotion and behavior into a disease

Texas Hold ‘Em – Jesse Kelly

“Count anybody in Mitch McConnell’s inner circle is an enemy of President Trump” – Bannon

“This administration is evil, heart of darkness black black hearts of evil . . . WHY ? ” – Seb Gorka

Listen to the Heartbreaking story of a mom waiting for her daughter to come out of Phalloplasty surgery

“Democrats want to give voting rights to 22 million Illegals” – Tucker Carlson

The History of Kamal Harris – Jesse Kelly

NFL Adds Wokeness to Super Bowl Week – “Night of Pride”

Michelle Obama Angling to Replace Joe Biden for President

Texas AG Ken Paxton Explains How Democrats Stole the 2020 Election

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Chinese Scientists Create COVID Strain That’s 100% Lethal in ‘Humanized’ Mice

Joe Rogan Exposes the Left for the Crazies they have become

Can You Overdose on Ivermectin?

70% of Embalmers Report Finding Strange Blood Clots Beginning in Mid-2021

Democrat infiltrators vote in NH Primary for Nikki Haley


French farmers REVOLT as treasonous governments attempt to ENGINEER FAMINE

Tiffany Justice: “You Don’t Need To Be An Expert To Know Dildo’s Don’t Belong In Public Schools”

Jim Hoft Discusses Voting Machines, Georgia Election Fraud Case, And The End Of DeSantis 2024

Julie Kelly On The Files Deleted By The January 6th Committed Before New Leadership Took Over

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Jeff Clark: “The State Of Texas Has A Right To Resist Invasion”

Moms For Liberty creating Charter School – will follow the “patriotic” 1776 Curriculum

The jig is up for the World Economic Forum

Transgender golfer Hailey Davidson has recently won a Women’s Pro Tour event

Damning New Evidence Surfaces In FBI’s January 6 “Pipe Bomb” Story

Latest on the J6 Pipe Bomber – Julie Kelly

Journalist who tried to cancel Novak Djokovic over not taking COVID vaccine collapses and dies while covering Australian Open

Cameras go inside Hamas tunnel rigged with explosives that once held hostages

Week of January 29th

Dick Durbin wants to allow illegals into the Military

The War on Children – Movie – Robby Starbuck

“I expect to see armed drones in the skies over the United States” Sebastian Gorka

Cargo ship carrying 3,000 cars (500 of them electric) caught fire off the Dutch coast

Governor turned a recreational center in a predominantly black area into a facility to house illegals

Men identifying as women take FIVE starting positions on two female college volleyball teams

We are living through one of the greatest medical scandals and it’s far from over.

“Why is Trump the specter that haunts this city, the imperial capital” Bannon

“The West appears to be sick with an infection” Bret Weinstein

Europe’s massive immigration problem

NY father loses legal battle to stop his 8 yr old son from taking puberty blockers to change gender

“We are in the middle of a communist revolution” Brian Kennedy

“There is a mindset that dominates Washington that we ought to have wide open immigration”

“Excess deaths claimed 158,000 more Americans in the first nine months of 2023 in the same period in 2019”

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EU Parliament Under Siege from Farmer Protest

More than 150 women and babies have received the wrong RSV shot

Look at all these Chinese illegals crossing the border

“When the Vax installs in the human body it hijacks the body’s machinery” Dr McCullough

“This is an invasion, this is treason what’s happening to our country” Bannon

Megyn Kelly – ” I regret getting the Vaccine”

Megyn Kelly – “After I had gotten my third Covid shot, my booster, I developed a positive on an autoimmune test”

The Taylor Swift Psyop – Must Watch

White House Cyber Official tells O’Keefe the Truth about Biden’s Mental Condition

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“You have to admit that the vaccines are the cause…there’s no appetite for doing that” Dr Kory

Pentagon’s psychological operations research firm pitched NATO’s military Psyops center on turning Taylor Swift into an Asset

Young People Are Dying At STAGGERING Rates! w/ Dr. Pierre Kory on Jimmy Dore


Six pro-life activists found guilty for praying and singing hymns, activists now face a maximum of 11 years.

“We are witnessing a Humanitarian Catastrophe unleashed by these vaccines” Dr Kory

The Childhood Vaccine Schedule needs to be investigated

“Excess deaths claimed 158,000 more Americans in the first nine months of 2023 in the same period in 2019”

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“Instead of plundering the resources of the vanquished lands, we are plundering the taxpayer purse” – Darren Beattie

Dana White Goes off on the Regime Media

Hidden among the surging excess deaths during the COVID response is a massive spike in maternal mortality

“We know why the Troops are there, they’re there as a TRIPWIRE” – Posobiec

The Joe Rogan Rant Everyone Living in a Democrat State needs to Watch

“J & J published on thousands of Blood Clots that the FDA knew about” – Dr McCullough

Gays against Groomers sounds off on the targeting of Minors

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