February 2024 Top Stories

Week of February 5th

White clots and sudden death – Dr John Campbell with mortician O’Looney

What are these clots – Dr John Campbell

Dr McCullough with Dr John Campbell – Autopsy after Myocarditis

GOP Senators Block McConnell’s Migration Bailout for Sanctuary Cities

James O’Keefe interview police in front of Bus filled with illegals and they won’t address it

If Joe Biden Can’t Win in 2024, Maybe AI Can Win for Him

Hamas military compound found below UN Headquarters in Gaza

64 Ways Joe Biden Opened America’s Borders to the World’s Migrants

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CDC overrules mask advisers and its own research finding ‘no difference’ between N95, surgical

Hawaii committee advances bill that could keep Trump off the ballot

Iowa bill would ban minors from drag shows

Pro-Hamas Democrats greet Blinken’s wife at home with Blood

Top GOP Senators Game McConnell’s Ouster After Botched Border Deal

As anti-trans legislation proliferates in 2024, community fears erasure from public view

Internet mocks Biden administration for considering executive action to deter illegal migration at southern border

Oklahoma Republicans introduce bill to ban Pride celebrations

Pope defends LGBTQ Blessing, points out “Hypocrisy”

Ohio Reconsiders Gender-Affirming Care Regulations for Adults

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Moderna Scientists Warn mRNA Vaccines Carry Toxicity Risks

Maine ordered to turn over voter rolls to conservative group

“They are importing Voters into the United States before the Election “

mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Caused More Deaths Than Saved: Peer-Reviewed Study

The True Costs Of Net-Zero Are Becoming Impossible To Hide

11 years in prison for singing violent Christian Hymns? Is this America or Pakistan?

New York City’s sanctuary status blasted amid rise in migrant crimes

This Is The Way: Fired ‘Mandalorian’ Star Sues Disney, Lucasfilm After Elon Musk Offer

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“I don’t understand why my government is behaving in a way that seems to be sabotaging the interests of average Americans” – Bret Weinstein

Gender ideology destroys lives

Welcome to the Democrats America

Christian teachers who sued over school’s gender policy add Newsom, Calif. attorney general to lawsuit

“Zelensky and his cronies have stolen $20 billion of all the money that’s been put in there, that’s an open secret in Washington DC” – Bannon

Angry leftists threaten to go after conservatives in their homes, churches if GOP wins in 2024

Taylor Swift is Not a Psyop

“The only purpose I can think of for (Chinese) coming to America via Panama is that it allows them to blend with all of the people” – Bret Weinstein

Harmful Dog Vaccine Ingredients

Thailand Issues Warning About COVID Jabs: ‘They Cause Cancer and Brain Tumours’

“How many of these Chinese sleepwalkers have to end up in the US before some other phase kicks off” – Bret Weinstein

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Week of February 12th

Data Analyst Unveils Alarming Post-Vaccine Cancer Statistics

United States is Invading Itself – Michael Yon

Ai is advancing at an Exponential Rate – Watch this

Americans are being poisoned by the food they eat

Idaho State House passes bill giving the death penalty to pedophiles that abuse children under 12.

Pandemic of the Unvaccinated

Heart Scarring from Vaccine – Dr Campbell

illegals get more money than Americans in NYC

Mexican military and immigration officials in one of most dangerous areas on the Mexico border

Oscar Cabrera Adames Death from the Vaccine – Dr McCullough

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Joe Allen Forewarns Of Transhumanists Creating Techno-Religion

Principal with drag queen side gig resigns under pressure from Oklahoma schools official

Florida man Dylan Brewer is arrested after “vandalizing” the street by doing burnouts on an LGBTQ flag mural in the middle of the road

Parade in Spain with Little girls dressed in lingerie perform with pride flags strapped to their backs

“White Progressive Liberals are a scourge to this country”

Biden Puts Forward Proposal To Allow Citizenship for Millions of Undocumented Migrants

“CDC VAERS system indicates that we’ve had about 18,000 Americans die from the Vaccine”

Lucid slashes prices for its luxury EVs for the third time in seven months

“Blacks and Hispanics are in the Way”

China’s AI Anchors Host Entire Evening News During Lunar New Year Break

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How we ended up in this mess

Baby Overdoses on Fentanyl in Florida, Mother Arrested

Joe Rogan talks about the illegals in NYC beating cops, getting released without bail, and flipping off the cameras as they leave

Tucker Putin Interview REACTION by Russell Brand

Houston PD Lectures Public on Preferred Pronouns of Trans Terrorist

Joe Rogan Is Pissed Off at the Real Reason Dems Want So Many Migrants

Job gains are going to immigrants, and keeping young US-born men out of the workforce

Superior Court Judge just dropped a nuke on Big Fani’s fanny

House Republicans impeach Alejandro Mayorkas in historic vote

China eyes Atlantic naval base sparking alarm in Washington as Beijing looks to counter US

Brandon Showalter Joins WarRoom To Discuss Shooting At Houston Mega Church

Ford has announced that it is rethinking its strategy when it comes to electric vehicles

30,000 IRS Agents Target 11.5 Million Small Business Owners in Massive Fraud Investigation

Dave Walsh Details The De-Electrification Of The Nation

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Crowd sets Waymo self-driving vehicle ablaze in San Francisco

A full length feature – “The theft of the 2020 election and the cover-up, January 6”.

Democrat senator promotes Satanism in Arizona state Capitol

House Speaker Mike Johnson rejects Senate Ukraine funding bill

Transgender Daycare Worker Avoids Prison After Sexually Abusing A Baby During Diaper Change

The CCP’s Commitment To The Destruction Of America

Dr. Bradley Thayer Discusses China’s Attempt To Become Hegemonic

Teacher Who Criticized ‘Woke Kindergarten’ Put on Leave by School District

Senate Republicans kill border security, Ukraine funding bill

Taiwan reports more Chinese balloons over Taiwan Strait

China’s Economic Woes Likened to the 2008 Recession by Hayman Capital Founder

Tesla electric vehicle rival files bankruptcy, begins liquidation

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Week of February 19th

Rutgers University students have no choice but to comply with the university’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Macron Berated by French Farmers: ‘You Gave Ukraine Colossal Sums, But Gave Us Crumbs!’

“Imagine Living in this Country” Jack Posobiec

UK Hires Private Boats for £36 Million to Bring Channel Migrants Ashore

Breaking IRS – ‘has no problem going after the small people, putting people in prison, and destroying people’s lives.’ Hidden camera expose

Biology professor fired for teaching chromosomes determine sex reinstated

‘Humanity Is Under Attack’: Health, Medical Freedom Leaders Convene for International Crisis Summit

Pray.com removed from Apple App Store in China, restricting access to content

WHO Pandemic Treaty Could Change the Course of Health Care Forever

Survivor warns human trafficking ‘happens here in America’: ‘Master manipulators’

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White Fibrous Clots being pulled out by an embalmer

“What I believe is, it is likely that many of the deaths that occur as a result of these shots it’s the result of the mRNA platform itself” Bret Weinstein

The Explosive Link Between COVID Vaccines and Increased Cancer Rates in Children & Young Adults

Rushed Shots – Bret Weinstein

“The common denominator here is the End of Child Innocence” War on Children

“My hypothesis is that it’s actually an invasion of Chinese migrants” Bret Weinstein

Trans male player for Kipp Academy in MA injured 3 girls before half time

They have no use for us – Bret Weinstein

Strategic Bridge under construction at end of Panamerican highway at Yaviza. This will eventually connect to South America

Dr. Phil calls out gender affirming care and warns of the long term impacts of pushing transgenderism on children

Huge White Clots – Dr John Campbell

The Globalists are coming for your pets, your children and you yourself

How America’s medical system has become totally woke

Over 37,000 Chinese migrants crossed in the 2023 fiscal year – and almost 20,000 have crossed since October

706,036 Excess Non-Covid Natural Cause Deaths (primarily from the Covid Vaccine)

Darién Gap Panama, I spotted a migrant bus transporting a bus full of invaders from Africa

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The Converging Crisis – The War Room – Show

Nigerian Catholic Bishops tell Pope – We reject your stance on same-sex marriage

The Establishment vs. You + The New RNC + The Censorship-Industrial Complex – Charlie Kirk Show

The Collapse Of Trust In Our Institutions – Jesse Kelly

Trans-identified male confessing, publicly, he got a sexual thrill from pretending to “breastfeed” his newborn child

Yuval Harari – Humans Are Hackable

Brought to you by Pfizer

Trans Activist “Family Bloggers” Who Lived In Feces-Covered Home Arrested On Charges Of Endangering The Welfare Of Their Child

The Left has Lost Stephen A. Smith – Supports America First

The War on Children – Jesse Kelly

Kirk Cameron announces ‘innovative’ new TV series, says America’s parents are ‘sickened’ by woke Hollywood

Rhode Island teacher sounds alarm on DHS-funded ‘media literacy’ program she says will ‘indoctrinate children’

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Week of February 26th

Special Report – Below are Clips from Senator Ron Johnson Hearing “Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel : What are they Hiding”

Dr Pierre Kory – “Global Vaccination Campaign”

Dr Robert Malone – ” Censorship Industrial Complex”

Dr Robert Malone – “Psychological Warfare”

Dr Robert Malone – “Freedom & Sovereignty”

James Lindsay – “Maoist Dynamics”

Cristian Terhes – “Evil Ideology”

Cristian Terhes “1 Death is a Tragedy”

Bret Weinstein – “My Journey”

Mattias Desmet – “Totalitarian System”

Lara Logan – “Lenin Stalin Mao Hitler”

Lara Logan – ” Words Matter”

Lara Logan – ” Fight for Truth”

 Dr Sabine Hazan “The Humanity of Science”

Del Bigtree – “Childhood Vaccines Untested”

Del Bigtree – “Vaccine Injury is Real”

Del Bigtree – “Adverse Events List”

Dr Brian Hooker – “30 to 1 Vaccine Risk for Children”

Dr Brian Hooker – “Myocarditis”

Dr Brian Hooker – “Children’s Vaccine Schedule”

Barbar Fisher – “Inconvenient Truths about Vaccines”

Dr Harvey Risch – “Bioweapons Industry”

Del Bigtree – “Vaccine Study”

Ron Johnson – “Fauci Emails”

Dr Robert Malone – “Facts about Vaccine” 

Ed Dowd – “Can’t Hide the Dead Bodies”

Ed Dowd – “Excess Mortality”

Ron Johnson Opening Statement – “Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel: What Are They Hiding?”

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Salvadorian illegal immigrant arrested in Maryland in connection with murder of 2-year-old

Russia Releases 2,000 Page Report Proving Deep State & Big Pharma Manufactured Covid Pandemic


White Fibrous Clots being pulled out by an embalmer

Christians take over a mall! Notice how they are NOT looting or assaulting any people?

Store in San Francisco now has a barrier when you walk in and shoppers need to be accompanied by staff


“CDC VAERS system indicates that we’ve had about 18,000 Americans die from the Vaccine”

Joe Allen – “Humanity 2.0”

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Steve Bannon “This is a Reign of Outlaws”

CIA Media Relationship with Mike Benz and Tucker Carlson

“Spike Protein still being produced in the body for 2 years ” Dr Campbell

Jesse Kelly – “DEI Kills Everything”

Car Dealers Slash EV Prices in Desperate Scramble

“Abortion remains the world’s leading cause of Unborn Mortality” Matt Walsh

Investors Flee Tumbling EV Upstarts Once Hailed as ‘Next Tesla’

Ai – “It is a complete transformation of the human race, not just human culture, the human biology and most importantly the direction of human spiritual orientation”

Vaccine Injury interview – “I would wake up like my heart was stopping and I felt like I was dying, immediate terror”