August 2023 Top Stories

The New Normal

Week of Aug 28st

The Lahaina Files : “WHAT REALLY HAPPENED”

The Lahaina Files : “WHAT REALLY HAPPENED”

Direct Energy Weapon D.E.W.
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Stream of Melted Aluminum
America is Shattered
Fentanyl Zombie Apocalypse (video)
What’s wrong with this generation (video)
Man wins Female Cycling Competition
Fentanyl Zombie Apocalypse (video)

Mask Mandates are ALREADY back at College

Biden Regime Sold $300 Million Worth of Border Wall Parts for $2 Million

Is Larry Fink from BlackRock Running the United States (video)

Growing Concern Vaccine Heart Damage in Adolescents May be Permanent

Bioweapons Breakdown Part 1 (video)

Bioweapons Breakdown Part 2 (video)

Princeton MIT Scientists Say EPA Climate Regulations Based on a ‘Hoax’

Spontaneously combusting EV burned so hot, so fast, the flames engulfed the house, resulting in a total loss of both car and house. (video)

Mayor of Maui Getting irritated with the media asking about missing and dead children (video)

US nursing home data shows COVID vaccines made things much worse

Best short film animation about our current times (video)

Joe Biden is selling the border wall amid the gravest illegal immigration crisis in American history

MALE cyclists took home WOMEN’S titles in Zurich, Switzerland and Washington this week

Lahaina Police are actively closing down Food distribution centers (video)

Two men die in Ironman competition in Ireland

Africans raging and destroying Milan (video)

The Streets of San Francisco are littered with Drug Infested Homeless Camps (video)

J6 Prisoner in Closet for 6 Months (Click to Read)

Week of Aug 10th

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What Went Wrong?
Sticker in Bathroom
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Bidenomics in action. Women stuffing trunk with stolen food from supermarket (video)

Realtors and Investors are already calling families offering CASH to buy Hawaiin Property (video)

The usual suspects storm a Nordstroms & walk out with thousands of $$ of merch (video)

Urban progressives “DEMOCRATS” blast the unsafe cities that they created

Club of Rome member, hopes the “necessary” depopulation of Planet Earth, down to one billion, can “occur in a civil way” (video)

Californians pillaging Sports store for 1000’s of $$$’s of Nike clothes (video)

1994, former intelligence officer, warned us about what the Club of Rome—original architects of the climate scam (video)

Shocking scenes in Los Angeles as homeless smoke drugs on the streets, tents litter the downtown

Planned Parenthood rapidly increasing distribution of transgender drugs

Wisconsin parents raise concerns after trans athlete allegedly deals girls welts, bruises during practice

Male who thinks he is a woman, won first place in a Canadian women’s powerlifting championship (video)

Africa has had enough of this Gender Chaos BS…

Fauci Defended NIH Culture Of Secrecy: The $325M Third-Party Royalties

Tourists Visiting San Francisco smash and grab in plane site (video)

Best Buy program is not open to white applicants

Week of Aug 7st

Jill courts Drag Queens (click)
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If I were the Deep State (watch)
On window in Canadian Hospital

Week of Aug 1st

UK 15 yr old Died Suddenly (click)
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This Man is Lactating Toxins
Men & Women are equal (video)
Control the Resources (click)
Dr Marten endorses mastectomies
The New America
China Lab in Cali