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Exposing Medical Tyranny, Gender Chaos, & The Marxists Destroying America

Politically Marooned, ANTI -COMMUNIST believes in America First but feels we are living in the Twilight Zone. This CENTRALIZED RESOURCE of America First Information Exposes the American Cultural Revolution brought on by the Communist LEFT.

Site makes it simple to locate PRO American News Networks & Journalism, Podcasts, Substack Writers, and the Culture War Chaos.

Mission Statement : Present the facts regarding the Purposeful Cultural Destruction of the Family, Education, our Borders, the Truth about Covid & the Vaccine as well as how the Democrat Party has been taken over by Communists. By using videos, professional medical journals, legitimate news sources, reputable Doctors, and all the studies, research and facts over the last few years it should become evident to anyone that follows this site for a few weeks that we are witnessing the purposeful destruction of America.

There is an overwhelming amount of Independent Alternative media sources on the internet that are MORE trustworthy than the mainstream legacy media. They are NOT getting their message out to the masses due to the vastness of the web as well as from Censorship.

We ask that you share this website with everyone, especially with Democrat Family Members and Friends, and those new into the political arena making it easier for them to find Culture War Information. This will motivate them to get engaged and help us take back our country from the Modern Day Marxists in the Democrat party.

America is not Far Right or Far Left, Uncle Sam has always leaned center Right. We need every Centrist Moderate to wake up and help us stop the left from destroying this country.

Click, Read and Share the Articles, the Websites, and the Influencers to help educate those who need to be Awakened, NOT Woke.

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